The Adventure Begins

October, 2018

After a lot of planning, farewells, and downsizing, we finally are ready to hit the road!

We tied the knot on July 15th and quickly set about packing up our lives. Our first stop wasn't far from home; a small, "secret" RV park just about 20 minutes from Savannah. The dogs, especially, loved the sandy trails and wallowing in the shallows of the property's two ponds.

After a month, we were finally ready to start our life on the road. In the short time we were there, we had the pleasure of meeting some great fellow campers. There seems to be an exceptionally neighborly aspect of RV parks, and we look forward to all of the future friends to be made.

Our first stop was tying up some unvisited stops around Savannah. We aimed first toward Jekyll Island, and spent our first honeymoon night in the parking lot of a Flying J truck stop-- an affordable, if unorthodox, quirk of camper living.

Next, we moved to St. Simon's island and learned about some of the earliest settlements in Georgia at Fort Frederica.

Cumberland Island and its wild horses were next on the list. While a popular tourist destination, it still reverberated a wild, untamed spirit.

Following Cumberland, we took an unexpected southern detour and spent a couple days boondocking-- AKA, parking-lot squatting-- in Destin, FL. It was our last day at the beach for the year at Fort Walton beach, and best spent with friends.

After a quick stop in Montgomery, AL to see friends, we finally made it to Atlanta to see family. Narrowly missing a hurricane that devastated parts of Florida-- including Destin-- we had a great couple days visiting with the Northcutts.

Our last stop in Georgia was to visit our friends Corban and Sarah in Dahlonega, a smaller college town nestled in the hills. Due to necessary camper repairs, we ended up spending an entire month there, but had the opportunity to explore different hikes and rivers during our stay.

In the middle of our Dahlonega adventure we made a short trip up to Nashville, TN, and were able to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of our first date in the country music capital of the country. The city was everything it is hyped up to be; the live music spilling out into the streets made for a magical downtown experience, and the talent was incredible.

After retrieving our rolling home, we made our way up to the East. After a brief visit with our friends Meredith and Mike near Washington, DC, we arrived in Bethlehem, PA to visit with the Vranas (my parents).

Farewell, Georgia. You have been a pivotal chapter in our lives, and we can't wait to see what adventures are in store.

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