Go West, Young Man

Here it is - the first blog post I’ve ever written. To start, I’ll cover some milestones reached over the past few years:

May, 2013 — Graduated from United States Military Academy

Nov, 2013 - June, 2015 — Served in the 19th Engineer Battalion at Fort Knox, KY

July, 2015 — Moved to Savannah, GA to work for the United States Army Corps of Engineers

Oct, 2016 — Met a girl named Kendall on Tinder

May, 2017 - July, 2018 — Acquired over $1M of income-producing real estate

July, 2018 — Married a girl named Kendall

Oct, 2018 — Departed Savannah, heading west.

View from our Savannah campsite

This is a tale of lifestyle design. Living life on purpose. Chasing dreams that truly scare you. A girl named Kendall showed up one day and changed my life forever. She challenged me to reach higher. She got me interested in real estate, and that has changed our lives forever. By investing in real estate, we have the ability to design the lifestyle of our dreams, and the freedom to pursue these dreams relentlessly.

Kendall and I met in Savannah, yet neither of us actually wanted to live in Savannah. Therefore, the next chapter of our lives is all about discovering the perfect place for us to live. If you were to design the perfect town for you to live in, what would it look like? What requirements would you have if you could live anywhere in the world? Please share your thoughts below if you wish. Our list of requirements is a living, breathing list that could always change, but here are some of the more important items that we are looking at:

- Good school system since we hope to be blessed with a couple rugrats one day

- Growing population

- Current population between 15,000 - 75,000

- All four seasons

- Within an hour of large ski resort and airport

- Water feature nearby (river or lake)

So that’s it; that’s what we’re off to find. Our goal is to find our future hometown by Spring, 2019. Between now and then, we also plan on spending a completely unreasonable number of days on the snow. Skiing and snowboarding are serious passions for Kendall and me, and with season passes for all Vail-owned ski resorts in hand, we plan on getting quite a few turns in, to say the least. Oh, and we’re doing it all while living and traveling in a fifth-wheel camper.

Loveland Ski Area, CO, Jan, 2017

Moving forward, I‘ll be posting updates from mountain-top ski lodges, tucked away hot springs, small-town coffee shops, or wherever else we find ourselves along our quest for the perfect hometown. I hope you join us for the ride. I’ll be posting thoughts about the towns we visit, hikes to untouched backcountry terrain, and other adventures along the way. I may even post about big-picture ideas on life, business, and real estate. I think I like this blogging thing, so stay tuned, because there’s much more to follow.

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